In the streets 2
By surreal artist Tim Seaward

Dimensions: 210x297mm 8.5x11.25 inches
Medium: Coloured pencil
Ground: Paper
Date: 2012

This coloured pencil drawing was created by Tim Seaward early Spring 2012.
It is done in a style that is uniquely his, although the influences of Miro, Kandinsky,
and more especially De Kooning can clearlt be seen in the apparently rough strokes of the pencil.

This drawing is part of an ongoing series of "street sketches" that he continues to carry out in and
around the towns and villages in the Charente-Maritime in France. These particular sketches are produced,
initially, by drawing a "lightning" sketch taking no more than five or six seconds (to capture
the "first glance" impression of a passer-by). Then, back in the studio Seaward uses different
coloured pencils, following the first lines, and adds one or two other colours - sometimes harmonious,
sometimes complimentary.

He first used this "linear" style in 1961, and then developed it over the next 40 years or so.
These latest sketches are the results of that development.

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